Importance of Dwell Time and how you can boost it on your website?

What is the dwell time of a website?

The digital presence of business these days is very common. It includes several factors that influence and promote your business. Additionally, dwell time works well in the white hat SEO technique. In short, dwell time considers as the time spends by a visitor on your business website. It specifically meets the value of the customers’ interest in our web content. Therefore, good quality content attracts customers to spend time on your website.

Dwell Time importance- Kaler Digital Media


How it helps your search ranking increment?

Moreover, dwell time consists of public interest. It creates leads to the growth of the business. When customer leads changed into potential clients and make a purchase. Then your website becomes a great client-server for Google. It appreciates your website and rank at the top results of SERPs. In short, when your website’s dwell time increases, it automatically improves the organic search result ranking of the website. Consequently, we can say that it makes your site visible in a positive manner at Google’s eye.

Tips to calculate the exact dwell time?

There is a number of tips and tricks that increase your website’s dwell timing. It considers three main factors for the proper dwell time-

  1. Bounce Rate– It includes the specific dwell time calculator. It measures exactly by the first and second clicks only. Therefore, Google waits and checks how many visitors come to your website and how much time they spend on it? In short, we can say that it includes the maximum time of the visitor that he spent on your website. It mainly needs 30 minutes to spend on your business site. If a visitor comes to your site but does not turn any page, then it counts as bounced. An increased bounce rate looks unhealthy for your website.


  1. CTR– The full form of CTR considers as Click Through Rate. This includes a ratio of the users who click the ad or link to the total number of visitors who viewed the page and its ads. It specifically used to calculate the success of an online advertising campaign for a specific website. It works with the PPC campaign and attracts visitors to spend more time on your website.


  1. Quality Content– Good quality content always allure customers to check your web-pages, emails, and advertisements. If a business website has professional and user-friendly content then it automatically inspires people to reads at least once. So, it helps to increase the dwell-time of a website.

How Dwell time increases the ranking of your website?

The whole game of the website ranking revolves around the words. A killer content increases the visibility of your website and allures clients to spend time on it. Always create content that affects a specific demographic group. Your website content should be unique in the form. Make sure that it should be relevant and appealing with transparency. Always try to choose a specific keyword for campaigns and content to target audiences as per their interest.

Nowadays, multimedia is trending for the growth of the business. You may use a PPT or visual content of seconds to convince your audience. People would like to watch new things on web pages rather than reading lengthy content. Always use to the point information about the business for visual content and use HD videos or images.

How linking increase dwell time and boost a website?

Website linking has an immense impression to drive traffic to the website. Additionally, it uses two types of linking-internal and external. Likewise, internal linking is performing within the web pages and external linking is using to set an outside link of another with your website. It promotes website and increases dwell time. Hence, increment in dwell time helps to boost up your website.

To sum up, all, dwell time increases your website ranking as well as promotion. So, try to use shorter visual content and eye-catching content to attract visitors.


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